Delivering the crunchy quality of Balance Food's products, we are proud to bring back an old favorite, Bandit's Bounty, a baked white cheddar corn puff. Free of gluten and trans fat, our new snack is baked as opposed to fried, giving you guiltless snacking satisfaction. Inspired by taste, Bandit's Bounty delivers on a cheesy crunch you truly can't resist. Don't get robbed of this reward, taste Bandit's Bounty today!

  • Made from grains such as corn and rice
  • Light, airy texture
  • Gluten Free

Aged White Cheddar: These cheddar corn puffs are light, cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth tasty, making them the perfect snack that won’t weigh you down. Feel guilt free with this low-calorie savory snack.



Sweet. Savory. Crunchy. That’s just what you get in our groundbreaking new snack, Savory O’s. This crunchy corn snack is baked as opposed to fried, bringing gourmet flavor without gluten, cholesterol, or trans fats.

These light, crispy rings are designed for our taste conscious consumers incorporating the classic crunch of our products in a sweet, onion flavored snack. This perfect snack combination will leave you SAVORing every bite and keep you wanting more!

  • Delicious snacks
  • Fun to eat anytime
  • Gluten Free

Sweet Onion: Infused with sweet onion flavor, these light-as-air golden rings are the ultimate crunchy treat.