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Baked Classics® Review and Giveaway

August 4th 2011

I love food! I am a big sweets person. I also love chips. Even though I am grown now, if I am at my mom’s house and she is making cake or cake pops believe me, I will be sneaking into the kitchen to eat some of the frosting. But have you seen how many calories are in a can of frosting?! Well my thighs have. I have got the best news for all you frosting and chip lovers, Baked Classics® Vanilla Frosting chips! I know what you may be thinking, a chip that tastes like frosting? I was hesitant in the beginning but let me tell you, its all the deliciousness of frosting in a bag of 120-calorie chips. They are really good. Before I knew it I had reached in the bag and they were gone. They were so good I didn’t even realize I had eaten the whole bag. Baked Classics® are gluten free, have no cholesterol and no trans fat.

I would recommend these to anyone who like a little guilty pleasure without the guilt. Baked Classics® are also Kosher certified. If you want fun chips that are also delicious you need to try Baked Classics®. I am glad I didn’t judge these chips before I tried them because I would have missed out on an amazing snack!