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Lets Eat 2 Day

Classic Foods Vanilla Frosting Baked Classics® Review

July 11th 2011

SAVORY SNACKS WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF GUILT. Baked Classics® popped potato and multigrain crisps are packed with flavor, not fat. These oh-so-satisfying crisps are made with all natural potatoes, whole grains and seasonings, then popped. The result? A snack that’s just what you’ve been craving and a healthy alternative that won’t leave your palate feeling the least bit deprived.

More taste. Less waist. Baked Classics® have always been and will always be all natural:

•    No cholesterol
•    No trans fat
•    No saturated fat
•    No preservatives
•    No MSG
•    No high fructose corn syrup
•    Kosher certified
•    Gluten free
•    Practical and satisfying portion sizes

With three mouth-watering flavors, the scale is definitely tipped in your favor.

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper: A spin on the well-known potato chip, this 110 calorie snack is the perfect marriage of salt and pepper.

Mesquite BBQ: Now, with 10% less sodium than the original barbecue and only 110 calories, this traditional flavor is sure to spark memories of your annual family cookout.

Vanilla Frosting: Creamy vanilla frosting with just the right amount of sweetness. Feel free to indulge without fear.

I received about 12 bags of these to try.  They are a great mix of sweet and crunchy.  I really enjoyed these chips.  They are all natural.  They have no cholesterol, no preservatives and no trans fat.  Each bag contains only 110 calories.  I shared these with my family and everyone was very pleased with the taste of these chips.  If you would like to purchase these you can do so at here.

I was not paid for this post.  I received the chips to sample and review.  The above opinions are mine.