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Leslie Loves Veggies

Baked Classics® Popped Crisps

June 18th 2011

Classic Foods, Inc. is a family owned manufacturer of top quality branded snack foods, who is passionate about a healthy world for generations to come. While Classic Foods takes great pride in their all-natural and delicious I might add chips, they realize that could not happen without the help of someone more important and talented than them: Mother Earth.  So they have made a commitment to leave the earth in better shape than they received it.  And it’s not just about the smallest carbon footprint; it’ s about being good stewards. Sustainability is their social responsibility.

Summer is upon us and snacking right means snacking smart!  That doesn’t mean forgoing flavor and yumminess!  Greasy, fried snacks are so yesterday!  Light, baked snacks are what’s hot for summer!

I was Blessed to receive some yummy Baked Classics® Popped Crisps for review!  What surprised me most about these snacks was that the flavors were so different than any other snacks I’ve ever tried.  There are three flavors; Mesquite BBQ, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper and Vanilla Frosting and each was a huge hit at my house.  The Baked Classics® Vanilla Frosting Popped Crisps garnered the most attention, I have to admit.

Hubby, Micah and I took a bag of Vanilla Popped Crisps and we all had the same reaction, BIRTHDAY CAKE!  I didn’t expect a sweet, creamy, rich, crunchy snack!! I had to think for a minute!  I equate sweet with soft and creamy, and salty with crunchy and crispy.  This was a new taste and texture sensation for me and I really loved it!  All that was missing was the birthday candle!  I had to look at the nutritional stats because these tasted so darn decadent.  The whole generously portioned individual-size bag is just 120 calories and 4 grams of fat!  Vanilla Popped Crisps don’t contain preservatives, cholesterol or high fructose corn syrup!  So go ahead, toss your kids a bag!  They’ll enjoy ‘em too!  For you guys who live a gluten-free life style, go ahead and indulge!  They’re gluten free too!

Savory snack lovers will love the Mesquite BBQ, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Popped Crisps which are a light, all-natural addition to summer barbeques and picnics.  They’re not fried so they are guilt free! Life is short!  Snack healthy, smart and yummy with Baked Classics®!