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Afternoon Snack Chips that Taste Like Vanilla Cupcakes?

OCTOBER 26th 2011

Vanilla cupcakes are yummy, but chips that are made to taste like them? Check these new low-cal chips out.

Chips that taste like dessert with less guilt than regular varieties? My curiosity is piqued! Jenn from The Fitbottomed Girls checked out Baked Classics' Popped Crisps in Vanilla Frosting and raved about them!

"I know, chips that promise to taste more like dessert than potatoes sound weird," she writes. "But let me tell you ... they tasted like cupcakes. Delicious frosted cupcakes—that are a little airy and crunchy."

 Similar to Popchips, they have about 110 to 120 calories per serving and are all natural (no preservatives or other suspect ingredients). The chips also come in Mesquite BBQ and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper flavors.