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Baked Classics®

MARCH 19th 2012

I received some interesting new crisps to try and review last week. They are from Baked Classic and they are in the flavor Vanilla Frosting. It is a 1oz bag with 120 calories. They are gluten free, have no Trans fats or cholesterol. They are a multigrain crisp, which is very new to me. I will admit when I saw the flavor I felt a little odd about it. Who would think of vanilla frosting as a flavor for crisps? I had everyone in my house try them and they went over well. They kind of feel like a super thin rice cake, but much more of a chip crunch to them. I really like the texture of them, very different than anything else I have tried out in the market. The taste does remind me of vanilla frosting; they hit the nail on the head there. It is a nice light flavor though. They are not overly sweet or strong, I think it is just right. It gives me just that little bit of sweetness that I am looking for. I think they are kind of addicting, you eat one than you just keep going back for more. They are a great snack to have a night when my craving for something sweet hits, so I do not munch down a piece of cake or something. They do not leave an after taste in your mouth, which I sometimes find with food in this line. I think overall this is a great bag of crisps. I would most definitely recommend them to anyone. If you are looking for new snack foods I say give them a try ASAP. Here is their site so you can check them out and find out what other great products they carry. I personally cannot wait to try the other products that they have.